The Uprising Podcast: ATF House Call Listen now (48 min) | Is it a right if you are subject to ongoing inspection? Are you prepared for an ATF House Call?
It scraped through the House and will likely die in the Senate – but it’s a useful distraction.
The Uprising Podcast: Clarence Thomas Derangement SyndromeListen now (73 min) | Progressive's response to Justice Thomas' recent opinions reveals a tenuous grasp of the man’s writings.
Is he just desperate for validation – which will never come?
The polls and the betting odds begin to take shape for an epic campaign season.
Ignorance, dishonesty, or both on full display in left-wing media circles.
The government is hard at work fixing a problem it created.
Does she fashion herself after a fabled heroine?
Bipartisan group agrees to a package of gun law reforms that won’t make anyone happy.
The Uprising Podcast: Supreme SecurityListen now (60 min) | Supreme Court security is on the docket, while legacy media quickly kills the Kavanaugh story.
Who could have imagined baby formula, tampons, and Cherry Coke Zero would become the new gold?
The Devil, as always, is in the details.